What to do do? Repair or Buy new?



So we have a little dilemma here. Our 2000 BMW 528i wagon has heated up 2 times in the last month. The first time the mechanic changed the expansion tank and the thermostat, two weeks later it heated up again. Then he replaced the radiator, radiator switch, radiator mount, and the thermostat again. Now he is saying that another temperature spike may result in head gasket problems and is recommending that we sell the car. According Kelley Blue Book, the retail value is approximately 7,000, but thats a best case scenario. What should we do? Get this repaired or look at a new car? If we do sell, we need an SUV for our dog and are looking at a 2005/2006 Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander. Please help us because otherwise we need to look around vigorously before the upkeep cost becomes too heavy.

Too late. This is a 10-year old European car. The cost of maintenance is going to go up at an increasing rate. Things are going to start to break at smaller and smaller intervals, and some of these may become very expensive. Next on the list will be electrical gremlins beginning to show up. If you have the means to sell/trade in this car, by all means do it, and do it now.

I agree, sell now. Also look at the Honda Element, which is great for dogs.

Sell now while you still can; don’t send good money after bad!

Start looking around so you can get an idea of what you’ll want to buy. That way, if the engine does heat up again, you can go out and buy a car you liked

If the temperature is now stable, sell the car without guilt now for less than what it lists and by being honest about the repairs and prognosis to someone prepared to deal with the potential expense. Or say nothing and try to get $7,000. It’s your choice.
Either way you need to get out from under this car. A used Honda or a Toyota would be a good investment with the CarFax and a low mileage car. I’d go with Toyota over Honda.