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Keep it or trade it in?


I won a 2000 BMW 528i and just found out it needs a new DSC computer and mulitple suspension repairs - $5K…It has 123,000 miles and blue book value about $5K…wondering how long it will last after repairs or am I smarter to trade it in?

typo I didn’t win it I OWN IT…

Consider having another mechanic take a look, especially if that recommendation was from the dealer or some sort of chain shop.

It’s ten years old and you’re asking. It’s time to move on. I’m a firm believer in newer is safer. It’s too expensive to keep maintaining and it’s time to trade IMO.

I’d get at least 3 estimates before I decide what to do. Consider that if you trade it in, it will have little to no value. The dealer might not even want it. If you want a similar car (3-5 years old), it will cost a lot more than the $5000 to repair this one. Are the interior and body in good shape?

Sell it on craigslist for $2k and move on.


It’ll be above average in maintenance/repair costs to keep it going - but you knew that when you bought it. Learn how to do some work on it yourself, or find a cheaper mechanic, or sell it.

Don’t go to the dealer, you’ll write a 4 figure check every time you stop by.

You have a car that does not age well; like a picky movie star thsoe face lifts, etc will get more and more expensive. It’s to move on and I would sell it privately. Dealers don’t really like to take in anything that old with problems. You’ll do better by selling it yourself.

IF, and the, if, is capped for a reason, the DC comp really is bad, you have two options you may not have thought of. 1), Part the vehicle out yourself and get more than the 5 grand Blue Book value, or, 2), go to and see if the DC is available from them. I buy parts from them and they are 3 to 4 times less than the dealer charge. I check both places each time I need parts. Last time I checked for the coolant recov tank for my wife’s car. $90. from dealer, $23.80 from Same maker, too - Dorman.