I would like to get the all New Jetta

fifty state diesel in seven to ten years

how easy of a trade in would it be would I be better off with a Mazda 3s four door

what is your thinking on that?

a lot can happen in 7-10 years. Who knows

I’d stay away from “all new” and not be a test bed for anyone if the $$$$ you invest in a car means anything and look at the tried and true highly recommended Accord/Camry and maybe Taurus, though newer model is still too new for me. And that’s all if you purchase now and keep 5 to 10 years. Otherwise…the question is irrelevant as cars could offer dramatically different choices in just the next five.

Why would you make a decision in 2009 regarding which car to buy in 2016 and beyond?

Given the likelihood that there will be a large number of new “clean diesel” designs from every major car manufacturer within 5 years or so, the current superiority of the VW diesel will likely erode over the next few years.

The “all new” Jetta design that you are currently eyeing will be old technology in 7 to 10 years.
The current Mazda 3 may or may not seem like an excellent car in 2016 and beyond.

So you have a Mazda 3 right now? And you want a Jetta in 10 years?

I suggest you think about the Jetta in 10 years.

No, from the looks of it(don’t you just LOVE having to decipher some people’s writing style? :stuck_out_tongue: ), he’s wanting to trade out of his current ride to a Jetta diesel and wondering if it’ll be ok in 7~10 years or if he’d be better off getting a Mazda 3 instead.
In terms of maintenance and repairs, it’d be better to get the Mazda 3 as VW doesn’t have that good a reputation for it’s electronics and whatnot lasting too long.

I’m ready for my next car this summer
I would like to get the 2010 Jetta TDI.
in place of the Mazda 3s. then in seven to ten years that I keep a car my Q. is how
easy is It meaning the jetta for trade in
or do you think I should get the mazda 3s again.but as I said before I am ready to trade my mazda in for the jetta TDI. wiil keep the Jetta for about 7 to 10 yaers then trade again in that time fraim

hum, my crystal ball says - who the bleep can figure out the car market in 7 to 10 years. Is diesel fuel cheap or expensive compared to gas in 2018? Resale value of any car in 7 to 10 years is going to be much less than MSRP. The difference is not big enough to worry about. Buy the car you can afford and works the best for you now.

Oh, so he is deciding what to get based on what the car will be like in 7-10 years. Why didn’t he say that in the first place?

Between the incomprehensible nature of the OP’s posting and the vagaries of both the automotive market and various fuel supplies, I submit that the OP’s question cannot be answered with any real certainty.

It’s obvious some of you guys never taught. You’re suppose to answer the question based upon what OP meant, not what he said. That’s what students always expected. Read into it and answer both ways just to cover yourself.

my students wanted unambiguous questions on their exams, not what I meant to ask, otherwise they would complain like crazy…

Still, I can’t predict the price of gas and diesel in 10 years. I suggest the OP buy whatever he likes now.

His English teacher forgot to teach him not to use “run-on sentences”!

It’s dificult to predict what cars are worth 7-10 years from now. However, a TDI VW will be worth very little.

The fuel savings of the diesel will be more than offset by the increased maintenance and repairs. OP, please note that VWs are EXPENSIVE ECONOMY CARS, pun intended.

In my opinion, OP should stay away from a Mazda 3S and go for the plain Mazda 3. These cars are aging very well and any plain Madzda has a long life and good resale value.