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What Sealant should I use in Coolant/Engine block

87 Acura Integra

A part, housing, that connects to the engine block and the coolant hose is suspended on 2 bolts.

Before I put the bolt, I need to apply some sort of sealant - what is recommended?

Is there one called Gray RTV?


That sounds like it may be the thermostat housing. You should clean both surfaces and use a gasket specifically designed for the application. It’ll cost you about $1.29+/-.

Don’t use RTV.

There is no gasket for this

Not thermostat

Then I have no idea what part you’re alluding to. Sorry.

But if you need a gasket forming material, RTV is not the answer. Get a tube of proper gasket forming material at the parts store.

Housing that connects the upper radiator hose withe engine block.

If you can get a real gasket as mountainbike said.

If not, I have used this with success:

Thanks a bunch;

Item #6 is what I am talking about in this diagram - Item #15 is what broke - Item #6 mounts on the engine block:

Curious, what is so much different about “grease lubricant” (the term used by acura for this purpose) and the RTV above?

I have to admit, I’ve never used this RTV but it looks like a good option.

I also wonder why it isn’t on the parts list.

I suspect the “grease lubricant” is probably a lobricant rather than a gasket forming material, but I’m going to back out of this one since it’s an unfamiliar application for me.

Thanks, Cigroller. I’m now familiar with a new material.

I did the final call to Acura parts - read the particulars from Cigroller post - Acura parts said that sounds fine.

Thanks Cigroller for posting the link - things that we often ignore but crucial.

Acura uses HondaBond - same or similar to Permatex RTV as posted by Cigroller.

Hey, the part is easy to get to and you can see if it leaks. If you can’t get a real gasket you’ll have to improvise. By all means, try the RTV. Or get some gasket material – which they sell in parts stores and make your own gasket. If whatever you use doesn’t work, try something else. In any case, even if there is no leak initially, check after a few days, then after a week, then again after a month.