Engine gasket set

Do you need to put anything on the O-ring and “other” gaskets when assembling a long block? Like sealants, grease, oil, etc? (Not the head gasket.)

Yes. You want to use either engine assembly lube or engine oil on seals where a rotating component is sealed such as crankshaft/camshaft seals.


Stay far away from Blue silicone RTV when there is any possibility of excess ending up in the oil system.For areas like where timing cover meets oil pan and areas on intakes that call for a RTV like compound (very small amounts) the one I like is from GM called GMS.Dont over do it with these products.In earlier days I seen guys spray head gaskets with paint (check with your gasket maker)and I have seen spray copper for head gaskets (again check with gasket maker)For holding gaskets in place(like water pumps) I used this shellac like product call “Aviation”.Gascacinch worked well on VW engine cases and any place you needed something to just hold the gasket in place.In closing I would ask the maker of the gasket what if anything they recommend to be used with their gasket.

Thanks guys. I’ll compare this to the response from the sales clerk at the auto store. I went to the FelPro web site and didn’t find any link to ask them a question directly. I’ll try Summit Racing tech line next and see what they have to add.

Other than agreeing with comments about applying a lubricant to oil seals, etc. I would only add this.
I always use a sealer (aerosol Copper Coat) on head gaskets applicable to aluminum or aluminum head engines. The Copper Coat has copper particles in suspension in the epoxy and the epoxy not only helps to seal the gasket and strengthen it but the copper particles also help with heat transfer between the head and block along with filling in any tiny imperfections in the metal.

This was a factory recommeneded procedure with Subarus due to chronic head gasket problems but Subaru recommended their product which was called Fuji Bond. The Copper Coat is much cheaper, so voila.

I stopped in the Jeep dealership and talked with one of the mechanics. His input was that the o-rings around the sheet metal (valve covers, intake manifold, water pump, etc) all go on dry. Do NOT oil them or apply any sealant. As far as the head gaskets, the above information is all relavent. Thanks.