What’s my 1992 Chevrolet Caprice worth?

I am a private seller & someone wishes to buy my Caprice Sta. Wagon. It’s been garage kept & 109,000. mi. on it. What is it worth ?

I would start with searching Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and Cars.com for suggested prices. There is definitely a market for the last generation of full size wagons.

The amount you want matches the amount someone is willing to pay then you have your worth .

Edit: The online value sites are not really going to be much help. This is like the classic car auctions. Some seem to go for way too much and some for way to little. If it in really great condition inside , outside and under the hood I would put 5000.0 on it and see what the counter offer is.

If you go online with the AAA they have a section on buying/selling cars. I’ve used it to get a fair value for a friend selling her Honda Accord.

The selling price by a private party should be halfway between the retail and the wholesale price. Don’t expect the stated retail price because auto lots usually have some kind of guarantee.

Here’s a 1991 at Hemmings for $10,850. It was repainted and a mild hot rod treatment. I’d consider it the top end of what you might get if yours is stock and original. More likely about half that. Do a web search for Caprice wagons for sale and see what you find.

To me it would be worth about $20. But only if it had a full tank of fuel.

Its a 27 year old dinosaur of a car.Be patient because someone might fall in love with it and give you what you are asking.

With such low mileage, and assuming good body, interior, and running condition, I’d say somewhere between $3k-5k. I see the early 90’s Caprice on Craigslist from time to time, with similar mileage and excellent condition, and people are charging that much.

Doesn’t mean they are getting that much!

I can’t help you on value as that is one of those what is someone willing to give questions.

However, over the past 10 years there’s been more of a demand for those old full size land yacht wagons so I sure wouldn’t give it away.

A Buick wagon equivalent of the Caprice sold around here recently for 6 grand and it was showing some age with way more miles on it than yours.

I have a 1993 Caprice LS sedan that’s been off the road since 2012. It has 84k miles. I was thinking of selling it. The local car buffs suggested I ask 4K and accept 3 to 3.5k.

I put it back on the road last Friday and it’s running so well I might hang on to it for a bit.

Ed B.