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What repair do my brakes need! NEED HELP

Hello Community,

Attached are some images of the brakes on a 2001 honda accord. The brake is the passenger side rear. The car was running fine 2 days prior and then i walk up to it and bam! all the brake fluid is on the ground and the peddle hits the floor.

Any idea on the type and cost of fix with would require? is it just the line?

Thanks for any help!

Looks like the seals in rear brake cylinder failed.

If that’s the case, replace both rear brake cylinders when the brake shoes are replaced.


And if that thing has been leaking even for a short while, your brakes are now soaked in brake fluid and no longer usable.

Full brake job on the rear, probably $250 IF the drums aren’t bad. Add another $100 or so for drums. Your estimate WILL vary depending on where you live, where you take it and the actual condition of the rear brakes.

See your mechanic soon, don’t wait, you have little to no rear brakes. And please stay away from the big chain stores like Tuffy, Midas or Pep Boys. We most always recommend finding a good local, independent mechanic.

Agree! Full rear brake job is in order!

Yup! It’s unanimous!

The brake line is wet and rusty, there is brake fluid running down the outside of the backing plate. Looks like the brake line ruptured.

It’s either the brake line has rusted through or the wheel cylinder seal has failed. Both are common problems, and easily solved. The way it works, you press on the brake pedal which pushes a piston inside the master cylinder (located on the other side of the bulk-head from the brake pedal), that forces brake fluid through a small steel tube (brake line) to the wheel cylinder (located behind the wheel). The fluid pressure pushes on a piston inside the wheel cylinder to force the shoes apart so they contact the drum and stop the car. It’s pretty common for the seals to rupture in the wheel cylinder soon after the brakes have been bled. Have the brakes been bled using the “push on the brake pedal” method recently?

Just pick out a shop with a good reputation and let them do a thorough inspection of your brakes (have your car towed to them, do not drive it). They will then give you an estimate of the cost to repair. It does cost to drive a vehicle. Here’s hoping you will not have to take out a bank loan to handle the repair bill.

Its not the brake line because the backing plate is dry on the outside (backside). However, the brake line should get a thorough inspection.

This is really going to need a good eyes on inspection by a qualified mechanic. The seal could have gone bad due to contamination from wheel bearing grease, old age or it could have gone past the sealing area of the wheel cylinder due to wear of the shoes and drum. All those things need checking, and when one goes, ALL four wheels need checking.

Instead of dealing with potentially deadly problems one at a time over a period of weeks or months, the OP should try to have all of the brake hydraulic system problems–both blatant and incipient–dealt with at the same time. In addition to costing less in the long run, this approach will enable him to drive a safer, more reliable vehicle.



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