What questions to ask at the autobody shop?

My parallel parked car was rammed in its driver’s side front end. Both my driver’s door and front Left fender were damaged and it looks like my wheel was hit from the side or at an angle from the side b/c it looks somewhat pushed in. What parts of the car should I be concerned about, especially with that wheel pushed in? I didn’t try to drive it. I can’t get in from the driver’s side, anyway. It only has 30,500 miles on it, and was in pristine condition. Now I am worried about driving it safely and whether the axle could be affected or the frame or lots of other things I have no idea about and I don’t want to be taken advantage of b/c of my lack of knowledge. What should I make sure to ask the auto body shop to look at and look for? The front left wheel was definitely hit, but way it was pushed looks very subtle, The adjuster said it looks like the front right wheel also got banged up against the curb , the intrusion beam on the driver’s side was damaged, and the control arm was shifted forward. Thanks for any suggestions!

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