I rolled my car.. now what?

I rolled my 98 Subaru outback softly down a snow bank. Other than the front panel been dented, the side mirror housing cracked, and front tire getting pushed off the rim, I was able to drive home. I did see some power steering fluid and engine oil on the snow and the exhaust blew white smoke for a short while but then stopped. What sort of problems might I expect from the car been on its side for maybe 30 min?

Hard to say; I would have a mechanic check it over thorouhgly. Your inurance should pay for all this. My car was stolen by kids who went joyriding at very high speed and ran the oil down to 1 1/2 quarts. My mechanic repaired and inspected everything an no permanent damage was done.

A cooling system check is a must here to ensure no gasket were breached.

Not much. If it’s running fine now it should be fine. Just have all the fluids checked or changed. Also have the shocks/struts and alinement checked. I would have a 4 wheel alinement done. Also check the battery mount. It can take a beating in a roll over.

Call Subaru, maybe they will use you and your car in an advertisement. Rolled it an it is still going, and going, etc. Check all your fluid levels and adjust as needed and count yourself very lucky.

I want to second oldbodyman’s suggestion of a 4-wheel alignment check.
From this type of accident, I would be fearful of a bent wheel, and/or damaged steering/suspension components, and/or simple misalignment of wheels. This has the potential to be a significant safety issue, so I would suggest taking the car to the best alignment shop in town a.s.a.p.

Hopefully nothing more than a 4-wheel alignment is necessary, but a good technician can spot the other possible problems that I mentioned when he is checking your alignment.

Far as the engine goes…NADA…just keep driving…Check your fluids and top off whats needed that’s bout it…You have body n glass issues methinks… The engine is fine…