What other parts to check when changing the tires back to Summer?

Hi there,

Finally changing my winter tires next week.

I am wondering what else I should check with the wheels off?


Discs in front, drums at the back?

Grease bearings?

What else?


Take a peek at the brake pads and rotors. Check the anti-roll bar end links and other suspension parts. If it’s been more than 1-2 years: clean and lube the caliper slide pins, bleed the brakes and refresh the brake fluid.

At least that’s what I tell myself I should do. I normally do a quick glance and check for obvious broken stuff and slap the summer set on. You can always check it on the next changeover in December, or the one after in March…

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I do the above at least once a year when doing the changeover, and also remove the rear brake drums, inspect, spray out the dust with brake cleaner, maybe wire brush surface rust on the inner mounting surface of the drum, and sometimes smear a thin layer of Sil-Glide at the drum-to-backing plate contact points. Bearings don’t need grease on most vehicles nowadays.

That’s a good time to take a good look at the front end parts like the tie rod ends, struts, ball joints, CV joint boots for rips, etc. Unfortunately some of these are hard to tell just by looking at them.