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Whe nto change brake pads?

Okay, I have a 2012 verano convenience and its a fine working driving car. My question is it has 47,000 miles on it . The brakes are fine, no squeal etc and it stops okay. Should I throw caution to the wind and let a mechanic touch it and change the pads and brake fluids ?

ALl I do is change oil once a year and airfilters. ( 5,000 miles a year last 4 years.
comments ?

The brakes are replaced when a brake inspection indicates it should be done.



If the brake fluid is 9 years old… oh yes you should change it, you are 6 years past due.

The brake pads can be checked at the same time. If they are close to being worn out, change them.


Your maintenance schedule certainly calls for more than this. You might end up with an expensive repair as a result of skipping the necessary maintenance.


The OP needs to open the glove box, take out the booklet detailing the mfr’s maintenance schedule, and take careful note of the fact that most of the maintenance procedures have an either/or–odometer miles/X number of months–whichever comes first–proviso.

Even if somebody is not putting a lot of odometer miles on a vehicle, there are certain maintenance procedures that need to be done on the basis of elapsed time.


The OP needs to open the glove box, take out the booklet detailing the mfr’s maintenance schedule,

The most unread book of all time,


Our old–now departed–friend, Mountainbike, used to refer to the Owner’s Manual as the least-read best-seller… or something to that effect. I really miss his contributions to this forum.


I also miss him.


A common mistake when making a post is to state too much info. If you would of refrained from mentioning your oil change and filter schedule you would not have been attacked by the maintenance police. Happens every time here.

That the person asked about the brake pads and fluid it is not attacking to mention that there are other things that need to be monitored.

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To be honest, I have never changed the brake fluid on any of my vehicles, nor attempted to operate the bleeder screw either. I have not had any issues with braking performance. If I am replacing pads and rotors, I just loosen the reservoir cap and use a piston compressor.

feel free to attack - its their time … I don’t care as long as I get some feedback…


Just to throw some gas on the fire, I have not seen in an owner’s manual where it tells you when to replace brake pads. It will tell you to have them inspected whenever, and have the dealer replace them if worn.

At any rate you replace them when they are worn but still some pad left. Either you or your mechanic are going to have to take a look at them. Some last 20,000 miles and some last 50,000 miles depending on the type of driving done. There is no mileage or time element to replacing the pads anyway. Whether to replace the fluid is another matter. Some say every two years but I have never done that.