What new tires should we get for our 2008 honda cicic hybrid

We have 29,000 miles on the car and the mechanic said we should get new tires. We need to get LRR and we live in NY.There are so many brands We also want to maintain good gas mileage Thank You

Do some research at


or a similar site. They have TONS of information about many different brands, and I’m sure you can find something that suits you needs. You can buy from then or buy locally, but the website is a great source of information before you buy tires.

It is very hard to figure which tires have less rolling resistance. They will advertise this fact. The worn factory tires that are OEM are designed to give the least rolling resistance to boost the MPG. This may have translated into your short life. All tires are a compromise, it is just what you after in the factors including rolling resistance, price, tread life, comfort/quiet, dry traction, wet traction and for some important winter traction.

I would forget looking at tirerack.com and directly call and ask. They are knowledgeable folks on their products.

I agree with the suggestion to look at eth reviews in Tire Rack.

Personally, I’ve been very happy with my Hankooks that I got put on last year and will definitely get another set. Tracking, ride, road noise, ride, and wear have been outstanding. Mileage is just like when the car was new. But I’m only a sample of one.

29,000 seems low for tyres, but then LRR tyres get low mileage so that is not likely too far off.

There is no law or requirement that you use LRR tyres. Not using them will likely give you longer tyre life but a little less mileage. On most cars I would suggest that the difference would be too little to worry about. However your car likely benefits more than most so it may well be worth it to stick with LRRs.

I also suggest Tirerack. I have personally used them and been very happy.

You should know that while there are 500 different tire “brands” on the market, they are all made by 8 or 10 big manufacturers. Shelf-Space in a saturated market. With the LLR tires, you gain one or two miles per gallon but you sacrifice half your tire life. So don’t get hung up on that…

…and many LRR tires have poor traction, especially in slippery conditions.