New tires

We just replaced the original tires on our 2007 Camry Hybrid. We had been getting 40 plus mpg. On our first tank with the new tires, our mpg dopped to below 34 mpg and it would appear to continue to drop. We put Goodyear V rated tires in the exact same size but our mechanic tells me these are more “road resistant” so better traction but less mpg. he suggest the mileage will improve with wear. Any comments?

Sounds about right. Hybrids usually come equipped with tires that favor low rolling resistance over anything else. Chances are your replacement tires are more traction oriented so their rolling resistance is more than the OEM tires, and your fuel mileage is going to be lower because of it. Keep in mind though, you’re going to have to go through several tanks of fuel to see what exact extent of the MPG difference will ultimately be.

An opinion for you. I frequently check gas mileage and have not noticed a difference due to tire wear. I would not deny, however, that there is a slight decrease in tire rolling resistance with wear.

We just bought a new car with low rolling resistance Continental Touring Contact AS tires. They have less wet blacktop traction than I’d like but that’s what can happen when engineering compromises are made. Michelin also has a gas mileage type tire.

Double check the tire pressure tomorrow morning, before you drive, make sure it’s as recommended (use a good gauge).

Thanks-My mechanic will swap my tires for the upgraded(if less traction is an upgrade)for an additional $80 a tire. I hve to judge if it is worth it–but the reason we bought the car was to be green. apparently buying the tires erased all of that

6 mpg is not coming from the tires alone.

I would wait a few tanks and verify tire pressure. You can see a few MPG difference between tires but nothing that severe usually.

Thanks- I will wait a few tankfuls and watch the pressure