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What kind of stone cleans car finish

My detailer said I should routinely wipe or rub my car’s clearcoat finish with some kind of a stone to clean the impurities off the finish and then to wax it.

What is this stone and how does one use it without it messing with the glaze?

I think you misunderstood. What he probably said clay. A clay bar made for the purpose such as Mother’s or any other brand is kneaded by hand and rolled over the finish to pull impurities off the paint before the car is waxed.

Yes sir…CLAY BAR… Many makers have them…Mothers…Meguiars…etc… sometimes its difficult to find because you can screw the paint up if you dont use it right… I think Ive seen it in the chain stores from time to time…I never really look for it…but try the usual auto part chains

I agree with the clay bar answer. A stone bar would damage your paint.

OK great. I got it, clay bar and you roll it! Every time I heard about this I would shudder to think about it scuffing the finish, but if rolled that would make sense. Thanks, I will get one and try it on my other car!

No no, you don’t roll it. You buy the kit for about $20 which contains the clay, spray on lubricant, a wiping towel, and most importantly, directions. Read the directions if you are going to do it. Clean the car, spray the lube on a small area, and rub the clay bar back and forth over the surface to pull out the impurities stuck in the paint. Then go to the next section. There are demonstrations on youtube if you do a seach for it. If you don’t feel comfortable with detailing your car yourself, you are better off to just pay someone to do it.

Thanks alot. Yeah, I watched some of those You-Tube videos and I see exactly how to do it and I will do it to my Impala and I am sure it will be fine.

You should not use any kind of abrasive on a clear coat. The finest stone I can think of is pumice, an igneous (volcanic) powder. I would not apply this onto a clear coat even wet. Your clearcoat is barely a finish.
Clear coat finishes (and all car finishes) should just be washed and waxed often, beginning from when you buy the car. A clear coat is not any kind of cure against moisture or rust. But wax, regulary and properly applied onto a clean dry car will protect your car very well against the elements.