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Hummer - clay bar finish

Is clay bar finish treatment worth it?

Yes. What’s a Tesla Hummer?

Clicked am gen by mistake

Didn’t update when switched to tesla

Car wash place wants $130 for clay bar and wax.

Trying to understand if it’s worth it or if it’s muffler bearings


I am not seeing What Mustangman saw as to your vehicle. Regardless, that is up to you. $130 is in line with the charges where I live. For me, no, normal waxing is adequate. But clay bar will clean and prep the surface better.
If your vehicle is a Hummer and you off-road a lot, why bother. If a Tesla, why not?

Clay bar removes the crud that sticks in the paint. To test for yourself, clean a portion of a hood or fender top. Take a soft cloth (microfiber is best) and hold it by the corners and drag it lightly across the paint. If it seems to snag, that is caused by the crud in your paint that you would wax OVER instead of removing. Clay bar will remove that crud and give you a much better looking wax job. You can do it yourself if you don’t like the $130 price.

I think you’d agree you got a much better answer from this than your first post.

Why don’t you try it yourself and see? I clay my cars twice a year. If you run your fingers over the finish before and after, it is like night and day. The paint will be very smooth after using the clay bar. After the clay, I machine polish, machine glaze, and hand wax.

Now there are some that claim the consumer clay bars like Mothers and Meguires aren’t any good and you have to get the commercial variety. I’ve never used the commercial variety so don’t know but the consumer stuff seems to work fairly well on normal contaminants but not on heavier issues like overspray.