What kind of oil do i use in my 2000,Grand Am GT, 6cyl.?


I bought this car about 6 mos ago, and had the oil changed in a jiffy lube, but need to change it again, and am told i need to use a 5w-30 in it. I dont have the book that came with the car. Can you tell me if that is the oil i am suppose to use in my car? i live in Virginia.

Thanks for your help.


Try this web site:


I believe GM cars caled for that weight of oil in those years. Your car is not fussy and where you live, no exteme temperatures, that would be the right oil.

The important thing is to chnage oil and filter regularly, at least every 3000 miles for normal city driving and commuting. If you do mainly highway driving, stretch it to 5000 miles. You do not need special, high priced oil for this car.

Happy motoring!


Should say on the fill cap. It is 5W-30.


Yeah, but you can also use 10w30 as well. In the owners manual it should say 5w30 and 10w30 as an alternate. I would stick to the 5w30 in winter and what ever is on sale in the summer.


5W-30 will work fine. 10W-30 will also work fine. Here in VA ( I live here too) It doesn’t get really cold unless you’re further west, like around Blacksburgh. If you want a real thrill you could use 5W-30 in winter and 10W-30 in summer. :slight_smile: