2000 Mercury Grand Marquis - Oil question

I have a 2000 Grand Marquis what kind of oil should I be using 5w 20 or 5w 30 thank you

Should be stated on the oil fill cap. If not, I would go with the 5W-30.

On a oil filter cap it has nothing owner’s manual it says 5w 30 but I buy if told me it should be 5w 20 what is it I’m running 5w 30 mobile one

There is your answer.
“owner’s manual it says 5w 30”

What does this mean?
“but I buy if told me it should be 5w 20 “

Mobil One 5W-30 is more than adequate for this engine.

Thanks my vehicle has approximately two thousand two hundred thousand miles runs like a top I’ve had to replace the intake plugs and all the coil packs keeps on ticking thanks again

Why Mobil one on an vehicle this old with that many miles . Just use a good oil 5W 30 , do you not believe the manual?

I’d just continue using what you have been, it got you that far.

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Thanks for all the info

Either will do. Ford did backspec several engines (the SOHC 4.6L being one of them) for 5W-20. The move to 5W-20 was mainly done for CAFE reasons. 5W-30 is perfectly acceptable if that’s what you want to use.

I have gone to 5w 30 with it I guess I’ll stick with it thanks for everybody’s help

I am using Mobil 1 high mileage I know I’m paying a little more but I’m a firm believer of mobile one

Because it moves around?


If the oil container has this symbol,

Find the cheapest oil you can.