Oil weight 2000 Honda CR-V

Engine oil weight question. My 2000 Honda CR-V has 268,000 miles on the engine. The manual calls for either 5w-30 (ambient temp 15 - 95 degrees) or 10w-30 (ambient temp 15 100+ degrees).
I’m in Florida, but spend the summers in the Midwest.
I’m changing oil every four months or 4000 miles.
Like to get you guys opinion on what weight you think I should use or is there really that much difference. Does the high mileage make a difference?

5w-30’s gotten you this far, why quit now?


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Yep, if you’re not burning oil (how often do you have to add it?), just keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing, it’s working great.

Which do you use? Keep using that one. I suppose I’d use 10W-30 sine it is possible to go higher than 95 in either Florida or the Midwest, but that would be unusual. Like the others said, stick with the successful blend you have been using.

I changed to 5W20 a few years ago for my 1999 Civic. That was an updated retroactive recommendation I discovered at the dealer when I was in their parts dept. I had been using 5W30.

Either is OK. The narrower range means more oil, less viscosity enhancer. The 20 probably reduces friction very slightly compared to the 30. Better MPG is the result, but probably too slight to notice.

You don’t need to change it so often. Every 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first, is plenty often.

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At that mileage just do what has always been done or use what ever makes you feel good . I also agree every 6 months or 6000 miles is more that good enough.

5w-30 is excellent oil. But switching to 10w-30 in hotter temps isn’t going to hurt anything. Should be fine with either.

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Sorry for the delay getting back, personal issue came up.
I am not burning oil. There are a couple of leaks here and there but only adding a quart between changes.
I will stick with the 5w-30,
Thanks for all the advice. As always, I appreciate the input.

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