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What kind of car is this?

I hope someone can help me out! I’d like to know what kind of car this is (and the year, of course). You can see the car relatively well around the 39 second mark in this clip:
and in this picture:
and once more here:
Someone told me they thought it may be a Peugot, but it bears little resemblance to the images of early 70s Peugots which I’ve pulled up. Thanks in advance for the guidance! Any additional information on this kind of car (if you feel so inclined to share it) is welcome, too!

I couldn’t see the first two links, the last one looks like a Honda 600, about 1972:

Ding…Ding…Ding. I think we have a winner in texases answer.

I was going to say CVCC but it is clearly earlier. I will go with texases. That two votes.

I couldn’t see 2 of the pictures but my first thot was a Toyota, but after seeing the Honda, I agree that it must be a Honda.

Texas got it.

My brother had its predecessor, the N600. It was a blast to drive.

I remembered it from high school - a guy had one, some of his ‘friends’ came out during the day and picked it up, turned it sideways, it still fit in the parking spot! He was late to his after school job that day because of that.

The car is a right hand drive so that would make it an N360. Its the JDM version of the N600 but had a 360 cc motor. Cars with that size or smaller motor in Japan were registered as motorcycles so registration and insurance costs were much lower. These were very popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s in Japan, less so as the Japanese got more prosperous.

My bad, I finally got to see the video and it is a left hand drive so that would make it the N600.

I was looking at one of the still pictures and it looked RHD in it.

These cars weighed 1340 pounds dry, and did the quarter mile in 22 seconds at 62 mph…It was rumored to have a top speed of 80 MPH but very few owners ever coaxed them over 70…They were capable of traveling 55 miles on a gallon of gas but average economy was around 35mpg. They sold new for around $1300, a dollar a pound! One recently sold on Barret-Jackson fancy car auction for $27,500…

A 6x6, 2 1/2 ton multi-fueler could out run the domestic model from a standing start or flat out. Those little cars were like go karts. They had air cooled motorcycle engines and didn’t seem able to get above 55 mph. Uncle Sam sent me to Mt Fuji in 1970 and the streets were full of those and smaller cars and three wheel pickups and vans.