Old Honda owners forums

Hey everyone

Is there a site/message board on the web somewhere for people who drive Antique Hondas? Specifically, old Accords.

Hi Jeff! try 3GEEZ.COM Rocketman

www.honda-tech.com is a very good Honda board, and it has a “classic Honda” forum, although you’ll notice it’s the least active one. Many people would argue classic Honda may be an oxymoron. The people who hang around Honda forum tend to be much younger and more interested in the newest and best technology (not like some of the stick-in-the-mud types here) and consequently are usually less interested in the less-tangible joys of maintaining an older vehicle. You’ll notice on the forum I listed, a lot of the discussion is about putting fancy newer engines into older cars, not about getting your clunky old CVCC to run right.


Sorry but I have a question instead of an answer. In the early 70’s there was a Honda model we called the “ski boot” because it resembled a giant ski boot. Anyone know the name/model year range of this deathtrap?

Are you referring to the Honda 600 sedan or coupe?

Possibly. I also remember Hondas with 10" diameter wheels. Saabs, too. Motor Scooter wheels were probably wider than these.

ahaha. Yah, a co-worker of mine has a '72 Honda 600 sedan. I believe I called it a “pregnant rollerskate” when I first saw it. Its got the 10" wheels, and a whopping 36 hp under the hood! They’re pretty cool little death-traps to look at, but I’m not sure I’d wanna take one on a public road. …not that I could fit in one in the first place.

Remember the Subaru 360’s? Motor Trend or one of those magazines tore it to shreads. You’ve gotta admit the Japanese have come a long way…