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What is your opinion regarding the 2014 Cherokee?

Chrysler has dropped the Jeep Liberty model, and is replacing it for 2014 with the newly-reborn Cherokee. That is the good news.

The bad news (IMHO), is that this new design rivals the Nissan Juke for ugliness.
Another part of the bad news is that this vehicle is being built on the Fiat/Dart platform, and is just a faux SUV.

Take a look at the 2014 Jeep Cherokee:

At least with the “old” jeeps you got off-road ability with your ugly.

It doesn’t look THAT bad, but it does look like it’s been beaten with an ugly stick. I think the headlights look too narrow. Unless those are the turn signal lights on top and the white area just below them is the headlights, with the fog lights down further still.

Ugly or not, I would be leery of buying an entirely new vehicle, especially from Chrysler. And you’re right, it is not really a Jeep, just a vehicle that can handle an urban snow storm.

This jeep will sell on it’s name only till it fails to deliver. Just the fact that the Liberty name plate was dropped says they no longer want that ID. Was the Liberty really a Jeep ? It had a part time 4wd train in standard form, more stiffly sprung which meant it could handle off road better then it’s RAV/CRV rivals. It couldn’t compete because it had a part time drive train and was more stiffly sprung…It you want to sell, if you can’t beat them, join them.
Funny, they choose a name that was a pretty decent off roader before ???

I don’t care for the front view. In trying to make it have the characteristic “Jeep” grille the bent vertical bars just don’t do it for me. From the side it looks OK and hopefully the rear view is decent. The “Compass” wasn’t much of a Jeep either, so how well the engineers tune this on for “off road” is yet to be tested. I’ll withhold judgment for now, but I don’t see this as nearly as ugly as the Juke.

I agree with @UncleTurbo. One of my “relatives” owns a Juke, and it is far uglier. The Juke looks like it has bug eyes. This new Jeep looks more like a shark squinting his eyes, were that even possible.

It Doesn’t Look That Bad. Besides, It Reminds Me Of A Buick Of Some Kind. These Jeeps Will Be Popular Because Some People Buy Cars That Stand Out As Obviously Being NEW.

Remember when car styles changed every year to appeal to shoppers that wanted a car that looked like the latest edition ?

These will sell quite well, in my opinion. The majority of buyers of this type of vehicle won’t be doing any off-roading, anyhow.

I have always liked Chrysler vehicles, Fiat not so much. I’m out.


It looks like the front end was designed by someone who used to design shoes or purses. They evidently don’t have any automotive design in their background and if they do…they need to get their eyesight checked. Other than that…it looks like a pretty straightforward design. I just hope it performs better than it looks.

i 'am old school i have a1999 jeep cherokee 4.0 liter 4wheel drive i love it.

Here’s a non-story on the new Cherokee:

If Healey doesn’t have the specs, I doubt that anyone does at this point. We’ll just have to waif for the NY Auto Show to see what the fuss is all about.

Looks like a Fiat. Wait a minute…it IS a Fiat!

It’s hideous

It looks like an Acura with teeth. Some people will buy anything that says JEEP on it so it will sell well…initially. The gas mileage will do it or do it in depending on what it is. Made on a fwd platform says it all…it officially follows the crowd unlike the Liberty and old Cherokee. So like the Compass, it’s just a car based SUV… Yawn !!

But I still love it,never be able to afford one,you have to keep in mind its still a Jeep.I,ve found out over the years aside from the convenience,when it gets so bad that I couldnt have made it with chains on my old 2wd,4wd as I had it configured wouldnt have helped me that much either-Kevin

So are they keeping the Compass and Patriot, too? Two too many CUV’s, to me…

“Two too many CUV’s, to me…”

Whatever sells. I’m not into this type of vehicle, and am not too concerned. I suppose that they know what sells among their current customers. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see since Jeep hasn’t done much more than release pictures. But a big increase in mileage either indicates a much lighter vehicle with a CVT or a diesel. I wonder how an off-road CVT would fare?

I’ll be interested to see how their new family, Fiat, changes Jeeps. Should be interesting.

Didnt know they were keeping these other two,seems like they must be losing money on them,they told me they were losing money on the Dakotas,yet you see at least 3 times as many late model Dakotas around here as you do these Jeeps-Kevin

New Dakota? I have seen zero! Is the Durango even around? I do see the new grand Cherokee around. Or did they change the name?