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The Disconnecting Bumper

To Anyone Who Can Help,
A few months ago I put my '08 Subaru Impreza on a trailer to haul it a couple hundred miles to the nearest Subaru dealer to take care of some engine issues which have been fixed and are unrelated to my question. Securing the car to the trailer entailed hooking come alongs around metal loops affixed to the frame at each corner of the car. When tightening one corner, my overzealous father cranked it too hard and disconnected a corner of the front bumper. After removing the car from the trailer, I found that the bumper easily popped back into place and stayed for a few months. However, it seems the initial break actually broke the sockets into which the screws that are supposed to properly secure the bumper go. Now, every few days the bumper loosens at that corner leaving an inch wide gap in that looks rather cruddy. I’ve been considering an epoxy to hold it in place in lieu of screws, but I’m not sure whether that’s a good idea. Any suggestions?

Angst Over Aesthetics

Try inserts in the holes. The screws will secure into the inserts.
If it uses “nut plates”, they’re easy to replace. Simply unclip and remove the old ones and clip new ones in.

Pet peeve: bumper covers are not bumpers.

Mountainbike: Thanks for the advice.
AL5000: Sorry if my nomenclature offends you.

a typical bumper cover has mounting tabs on each side where it meets the fender and a plastic bracket secured to the fender. Often the plastic bracket is broken just as much as the mounting tabs on the cover are broken. Your store bought epoxy most likely is not strong enough. If the tabs are cracked and not missing pieces then a body shop MIGHT be able to use an adhesive labeled " LORD (brand name) FUSOR"