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2005 Ford Escape Hybrid

My hybrid has been a great car, owned 3 years. Now have problem: runs great but if going higher speed 65 and pulls hill needing to kick in to 4000rpms it dies right away says high temp engine but does not smell hot or need water. Let it sit for 15 minutes (even though will start right away but might keep dying unless sits) Will run fine unless hits higher rpms then dies again.

How many miles does it haveon it?
Have you been keeping all the maintenance up to date?
Have you been checking and maintaining the fuid levels?
Is the Check Engine (or Malfunction Indicator) light lit?
Have you had the ECU checked for codes?
Are there any other operating probblems or symptoms?

Post back with the answers.

Do both fans come on or just one ?

How recently have you cleaned all the bugs off the front of your radiator & condenser ? Like most of the general public, probably never.
Any bent fins ?
Poor air flow ( not fully blocked ) will show up under heavy conditions but run normal otherwise.
Other minor internal restrictions like alkali build up would cause the same.

This could also be the cooling temp sensor. I can’t recall what year Ford introduced it, but they have a system that shuts down a couple cylinders and uses them to pump cool air through the engine so you have time to pull over and cool the engine down.

Definitely get the codes read and report back the results.

all maintenance done, no other problems, no check engine light, plugged in no codes, has 140,000 miles, new radaitors at 100,000 (has 2 because hybrid) because of hitting deer

The Warning lamp will illuminate for overheating of either the engine or the M/E (Motor Electronics) system. Under the hood you will find two coolant reservoirs (Vehicle has two separate cooling systems, one for the engine the other for the tranaxle and DC/DC converter) ensure that both bottles are filled. If coolant levels are full, you will need to have a hybrid trained service tech evaluate the vehicle… It is very possible the M/E cooling system pump has failed. This pump circulates coolant thru the electric transmission and HV converter… This pump sits behind the radiator down low, very difficult to see unless the vehicle is on a lift… Possible pump has been damaged or related wiring have been compromised from from front end damage. The diagnostic trouble codes will direct you or the servicing technician which system needs to be serviced. Remember this vehicle does have high voltage components… High voltage components/cables will be colored bright orange. DO NOT DISTURB HV system with the Service disconnect in the armed position.