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06 Ford Escape Hybrid loses power when it's Hot outside!

My car loses power when it’s to hot outside. When pressing the gas from a complete stop it can barely get going and then within a few seconds the power kicks in and it goes. One summer I was away for 10 days, when I came back, it started, then stalled and died. i took it in, the dealer said the main computer chip had re-scrambled it’s self. this has happened twice, the dealer could not give me an answer as to why, but they were happy to take my $260 to fix it. Has anyone heard of this before? Thank you!!

Oh and I live in Tucson, this happens when it’s about 90 degrees or more outside.

Did any warning lamps illuminate? (Like Red triangle). You indicated that when the Escape is hot it loses power, Does that condition occur regularly or only twice? How easy is it to duplicate the concern?

In cases where the Transaxle, Engine or Battery pack begin to overheat, the electronics go into protection mode. When the vehicle enters this protection mode, power is reduced. There were a couple of technical service bullentins for those situations. In some cases, the electric coolant pump to the electric transaxle would fail causing overheating. Any chance you could provide the diagnostic trouble codes? (The technician should have recorded them) Was there any information provided on the Repair order on what the dealer had done? You indicated that the Computer was corrupted, would love to know exactly what the dealer told you about that.

There are too many possibilities, we would need more information to assist.

I gotta wonder if your main drive battery is dying.
When you say ‘’ the power kicks in and it goes’’ do you mean the gas engine rpms ?
'cuz normaly the engine can be ‘‘asleep’’ showing zero rpms and the car goes just fine on battery power , that’s the hybrid part.
But if it won’t move on battery power, It’s either not charging correctly or not holding a charge.
Drive battery, computer or drive motor issues.

Although this is a Ford dealer, and I own an 06 hybrid Escape too,
We only have just a few in town, are not highly trained hybrid specialists, and have never seen that touble here. My tech would just take the error codes to their manuals and take it from there.