What is this white stuff on my "new" tires?!

Capri, so the stuff you are seeing on my tires… are they wax? glue? I can still return them.

I received the tires yesterday. I did read the reviews, but hey every business has bad reviews. I bought them through eBay. Once you start a return, they can’t do anything else on their paypal account other than solving the pending cases first, so I am not worried. I can still return them. I came here first because I thought maybe being 3 years old for a tire is not that much of a big deal.

First, the waxes are doing no harm and don’t indicate a problem - other than the age of the tires. No, that is not glue. Rubber is chemically adhesive with no external adhesives necessary.

So you can return them, but I would expect a fight - particularly since the price was low. It is generally thought that tires within 6 years of production can be sold as new - if stored properly. The company I worked for had a 3 year limit in our warehouse - and we verified that within 3 years, we could not detect differences.

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At 3 years I’d keep them, expect to replace them by 10 total years (7 years from now), sooner if worn out or noticeable deterioration/dry rot. I wouldn’t be concerned about the white stuff.

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