What is this piece?

Saw this post on a site and tried to find what this was. They said…

2017 Mustang, this is connected with a T hose, one end goes to this small hallow sounding piece of plastic and the other is the brake vacuum pump located behind one of my cams.

I tried to look up parts relating to the brake system and the engine and don’t see anything that is in the diagrams that even looks similar.

What engine in your 2017 Mustang, and what transmission?

vacuum check valve??

How does an auto part sound revered?

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I’m not sure. This was on Reddit and it got pulled down because there was not specific info.

I was going to try to help the guy if he was needing to know what this was but I was at a loss and unfortunately I never saw him update with more info.

TY all anyway. I know if something needs to be figured out, this is the place.

Yes good catch. In the modern age most of us though have just come to ignore word usage errors like there and their and they’re and weather and whether etc. Sometimes they are just slips of the keyboard (keybored) and other times the writer doesn’t know the difference. Hard to tell over the wire sometimes though.

Edit: It’s one thing to ignore it on the internet but in the paper where there are journalists employed? Local paper reported the high speed chase of a guy who said his “breaks” failed. Probably his “brakes” were just fine but his breaks failed when they arrested him.