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Power brakes vacum

Hey I listen to you guys when I can, you two are pretty cool. I have a 1989 Dodge Ram, 3/4 ton, 383 engine. My question is; on the Power brake booster there is a vacum line on a plastic fitting, This fitting keeps breaking and I still have some brake, but not much. Why does this keep breaking?

How are you fixing it?? Is it being replaced (proper way to fix it)??? Or just glued back on??

There was a plastic nipple with 3 outlets on it, I just plugged the broken one and use the other one. Now it broke too.

That plastic fitting is the check valve, and the plastic that makes it up is rotten. Get a new one. Any auto parts store will have them, and they are not expensive. Take the old one in to match it up.

I have gotten a new one, but I just havent put it on yet. I just figure out why they kept breaking. To me it just seemed strange

OK, I’ll bite.

Why do they keep braking?

No I ment " why were they breaking" I didnt understand why they was. I am asking you all for ideas or reasons WHY this is happening… If there is a bigger problem than I need to look at that too.

How many times have you replaced this check valve? We are trying to understand what is happening, but we have to keep asking questions. The original question seemed like you hadn’t replaced it yet at all, and just moving the hose from port to port.

If it keeps breaking, there must be a physical interference with something. Where is it breaking? Does the hose have any slack in it? Does it clear the hood properly? Is there anything loose near the brake booster?

I havent replaced it yet, I have the new part. The check valve had 3 port on it. I just kept moving to the next one. Now it just broke the 3rd one today, So I guess tomarrow I will replace it with the new one. The hose had enough slack to go to all 3 ports. And yes; there is plenty of hood space, And no there isnt anything loose on the brakes booster, or around it. I just had it inpected for another year. And I know they looked at the system to make sure I had proper fluid level. All 3 ports broke off next to the main part. And left the stem in the hose. Hope this helps someone, because it has me bufflo’d I hope it isnt hard to replace and works in easy for me.

It’s the plastic. It just got old and brittle. This truck is 20 years old, and things that don’t normally break will. Just replace it. The new one will be fine. Is the grommet old and hard? after 20 years, you should replace it as well.

Ok thanks for your help, that was the olny answer I figure was going on, but I am not all that car smart eather. I was hoping there wasnt a bigger problem. I was hoping to get to mid summer or so and get a newer vehicle. I figure by then they should be BUY 1 GET 1 FREE… LOL LOL Thanks guys, special “Bustedknucles”

I would like to know who put a 383 engine in an '89 van? Was it difficult?

To Ellyellis; I have a 3/4 ton truck, not a van

That was my mistake, however I doubt if the truck came out with a 383.