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What is this noise

I go to turn in my car and it makes this horrible scretching noise. Like something is rusted. Thought it was my tie rods so had them replaced and the noise is still there.

it’s your lower ball joint.

Thank you but I just had that replaced saturday. The ball joint and tie rod. Could it be my U joint? It sounds like it is in my drive shaft somewhere. It only does it when I am turning the car. It pops sometimes too.

ok, then check the struts. The top of the struts housing is a big bearing. check if it’s lose or rusted. how manys miles on the car… you might need new struts

Have someone check your accessory/serpentine belt and its pulleys.

In a front wheel drive car (which I believe this is?) the “U joint” is actually a CV joint, and yes that is a possibility. A good mechanic should be able to tell you.

I agree. Add the belt tension to the suggestion as well as the power steering fluid level. One other suggestion: have a friend turn the wheel while you listen under the hood for the source.

This sound you describe is actually quite common for a slipping belt or a failing power steering pump…or a pump low on fluid due to a leak elsewhere.

Well I have listened to this noise now going on a little over a week and when I hit the brakes, turn the wheel, or just simply going down the road I hear it. It is very imbarrasing. I have checked the power steering fluid and it is fine. There is nothing leaking anywhere either. I will have my mechanic check it out today anyway. You never know. Thanks.