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What is this found after work done

Hey there just got my car back from the shop and found this in the passenger seat and have no idea what it is. Also I when I start uo the car now it revs up and down and then cuts off. But if I add gas it doesn’t seem to do it. It never did this before. After I drive it for a few minutes and stop it doesn’t do it anymore. I’ll have to see if it keeps doing this since I just got it home but I just thought that was really odd. I have a manual transmission.


Wouldn’t it be simpler to ask the shop what it is and why it is in the seat? Second, most shops stand behind their work and we don’t know what you had done.

Yeah hopefully I won’t have to go back and it was just a one time occurrence because it will be a really big hassel since I still only have my permit.


I dunno but it looks to me likely an interface for test equipment that the mechanic might have left behind. It has the ubc jacks and everything. My plumber left behind his battery and battery charger for his saw but I called him right away and he came and got it. I was looking for my vibrator saw after I finished work in my ceiling and was afraid I sealed it up there but I found it. So 1) take it back to the dealer like a good citizen, and 2) tell them about the poor performance. Maybe they were trying to reprogram the computer.

It looks like four USB ports in an electrified package. I would guess that it is meant to interface external sources to the sound system. What else would you use USB ports in a car for? It might belong to a mechanic at the shop. Take it back and ask them why it was in your car.


That is an inexpensive USB charger. As this vehicle has had a dead battery too often perhaps they did you a favor by removing it from your car. Technicians sometimes leave the junk aftermarket add-on parts on the front seat for the customer.


What was the car in the shop for?

You are still having idle problems, so you should take it back to the shop anyway. Then ask what that thing is.

The item in the photo looks like a KVM switch.

Not a KVM - there’s nowhere for the monitor to plug in since it’s only USB ports. Looks like a DC-powered charger to me. Whoever had the car before you must have wanted a direct-wire multiport charger. Probably installed it before Anker made ones that plug into the cigarette lighter.

If you don’t need to charge 4 devices at once in your car, I’d leave it out, but I’d want to be sure that whoever took it out fixed the open wires it would have left behind.

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If the OP would kindly answer this question, the nomenclature of the thing might become obvious.

Doesn’t the invoice spell-out the repairs fairly well?
In any event, I would suggest that the OP delete those images, as they bear his name, address, and phone number. Not a good idea to spread that info around to unknown people!

It was in the ahop to pass inspection I had
*Front passenger side caliper rotor and pads done
*front flange gasket replaced
*stablizer end links

  • headlights fixed
  • lower ball joints
    *Ebrake adjustment
    *cold air intake mounted down
    *new battery
    *had a problem when car was started the belts would scretch for a second or 2 then quit so they fixed that from the paper work I guess it needed new belts?
    *all motor and transmission mounts
    *fixed ebrake light that wasn’t working
    *control arms
    And they mentioned that my ignition coil was arking which thats probably the sound I hear while under the hood once.

I think thats everything costed me almost 3k

I think it’s just an add on USB port. It was probably under the dash and the mechanic took it off, maybe it wasn’t installed right.

Maybe when they replaced the battery they didn’t use a memory saver so the system needs to relearn the idle and settings. Otherwise another $1000 ought to take care of it. I jest but that’s a lot of work.

The invoices don’t describe the complaint. I was thinking the complaint might lend a clue.

Rewrite ( The work that was done cost me almost $3000.00 )

The money you have spent on this free vehicle has exceeded the Kelly Blue Book value. For your sake I hope you are close to being done.

It doesn’t bother me as long as I can pay for what it needs thats all that matters to me. Plan on keeping it at least 10 years hopefully longer or maybe getting the same car again later on I just really like this car.

I actually plan on getting a paint job for it when I can as well.

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I expect the idle problem will resolve itself after a couple days driving. Give it some time. The computer probably has to relearn the idle parameters b/c the battery was disconnected. It’s a pretty common thing for mechanics to disconnect the battery when doing a major service job like that, to avoid short circuits from the wrenches and resulting electrical system damage. If it is still doing it after 10 days of driving, phone up the shop and schedule an appointment for a look-see. Other than the temporary re-learning required, nothing that was done as far as I can tell would likely affect engine idle performance.

Besides the idea above, it’s possible that gadget is some kind of security device that was installed when the car was new and sitting on the dealership lot, to prevent theft from the lot. It might also be something a lender or insurance company installed to monitor something or another about the car. Lenders want to know where the car is located, and the insurance companies want to know what speeds the car is being driven.

One thing for sure, that part never left the factory on your car when it was manufactured. It’s still using the old glass type fuse which is obsolete except in a few add-on electronics.

As for the idle wandering around, I don’t see anything on your list that would cause that other than maybe the battery replacement.
If the car is still doing this in a few days you need to consider a vacuum leak or IAC valve issue.