What is this engine noise?

2007 Hyundai Accent. 83k miles. Oil is still relatively fresh (about 1k more miles) and oil level is good. The car only seems to make this noise after running for a little while or after driving it. It doesn’t make the noise from a cold start. It’s also not noticeable/goes away when driving. Only hear it at idle. Lifter tick or tappet noise? I remember hearing Hyundai accents are notorious for those (but what do I know).


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add some Lucas engine oil stabilizer. Might help suppress the sound if the lifters are not shut.

There’s a tsb on this car for engine knocking noises. Can be caused by using certain aftermarket oil filters. 12-EM-006. See if it goes away with an oem oil filter you purchase from a dealership. A valve clearance measurement is sometimes worth doing with this sort of problem, but I can find no info on what valve clearances should measure.


So in the next couple of days I’m going to change my oil. Car says 5w20, should I stick with that or go 5w30 or something else? It’s pretty cold in my area right now with winter obviously and I would probably do 80% oil and 20% Lucas. Is that alright?

Use a 5W20 oil that meets the remainder of the requirements in your owners manual.


Follow the instructions on the bottle.