2013 Hyundai Accent

My 2013 hyundai accent has been making a engine knocking sound… Only when its going up a hill or has a load on it. And only when the engine is warm… I check the oil weekly so its nothing like that. I use a good oil. I’m not the best with cars/trucks I take it in to the shop to get looked at and they say they cant hear it. But its has got worse in the last few month… Don’t know what to do now so now i’m here.

That is the symptom of a failing engine if it what I think it is. It will get worse. You need to take the mechanic for a ride to demonstrate the sound. If you are the original owner, it should still be under warranty.

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Could be something as simple as pinging. Are there any diagnostic codes? You’re using the correct gasoline octane, right?