What is the right transmission fluid for 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 XL?



Can anyone please recommend the right type of fluid for 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 XL with automatic transmission (C6), Y engine (8 Cyl. 390 CID)? What currently available brand/type/grade would be appropriate? Please mention more, if there are options - this is for a friend in Europe that is looking for guidance for his recently bought Galaxie… Thank you.


As I recall, it takes “Type F” transmission fluid. It is also possible that Mercon fluid, which came later, is compatible, but I will leave it to Tester, Transman & OK4450 to state whether I am correct here.


Thank you… he also heard and tried GM Dexron III, but apparently that did not work quite well…


Type “F” it is, plainly marked on the dipstick. Dexron is WAY to “slippery” for an old Ford transmission. It will slip badly when shifting…Have your friend google “Type F transmission fluid” and go from there…


You need Type F fluid. Dexron/Mercon will not do the trick. Type F is available at Advance Auto and probably other stores. Valvoline, Pennzoil and Mobil all still make it. You will probably need to do a flush on the AT to get the Dexron, etc out. This may take some repetitive pan drops and fluid exchanges.


I suspect that car will have a drain plug in the torque converter. Remove the bellhousing splash shield and turn the flex plate until you see the drain plug…That way, ALL the fluid can be changed…