Mercon ATF in a Pre-1977 Ford?

Anyone know if there may be a negative result if modern Mercon ATF is added to an older (1966) Ford Cruise-A-Matic which specifies Type F transmission fluid?


You have to use Type F tranny fluid.

I still have some bottles of Type F from when I had the 67 Galaxie.


This is a 1966 Fairlane GT-390…A tranny cooling line split and the owner nursed it home by adding 3 or 4 quarts of Mercon…I’m thinking after the leak is fixed a transmission flush with type F is in order. But I bet few if any flush machines are equipped to do that. So we will have to do it the hard way…Type F fluid is still available…

Nice car!

The clutches in that old transmission won’t like the Mercon. I’d drain the pan and converter and refill with Type F.

Nice car!

I always liked the body styles of the Ford’s from the sixty’s

The first car I owned was a 65 Galaxie 500 2DR hardtop.

Then after many years, I picked up a 67 Galaxie 500 2DR hardtop fastback from a co-workers grandmother for a song.

But anyway, get that tranny fluid changed over to Type F.

Edit: The tranny fluid exchange machine doesn’t care what type of tranny fluid is used.


Beautiful car and one of my favorite Ford body styles.

An elderly lady who lived 2 blocks from me had one of those in an olive green with a 390 which she bought new and drove very little. After age and health sent her to a nursing home the car sat in a detached garage for almost 5 years without being moved.
A storm blew through one night and sent a tree onto the garage; caving not only the garage roof in but also the car roof to some extent.

Some relatives chainsawed it out and sold the car on the cheap I think. Roof or not, it was well worth fixing.

Thanks on the car! 68,800 original miles. It’s for sale, (a friends) 15 large…

Beautiful. I think the inside is even prettier than the exterior. It kind of reminds me of the old '59 Chevy Impala I had with an all orange interior. Eye popping to use the phrase…

Yes, it’s a show-stopper alright…

15 large huh?

The first thing I’d be looking at are the frame rails behind the front tires.


That’s not a real man’s car. Power steering? WTH? :smiley:

(just kidding…)

The power steering pump isn’t doin’ anything if your running in a straight line.


Check out that master cylinder…No booster, one brake line…The car had 4 options. The GT package (S code), Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, AM Radio…The original owner drove it off the lot in Denver for $2900.00 The base Fairlane (6 cylinder, 3 on the tree, bench seats was around $2400.00 that year…

Nice old car. I hope there’s an air filter somewhere…

Yes, it has the factory chrome air-filter…I took it off to give it a little prime to start it easily…It had not run in almost a year…I can’t wait to get it completely roadworthy and take it out for a good romp !!