What is the name of the Paper/cardboard car made in germany?

Anyone know what the name of the car was that was made in east germany, made of paper/cardboard in approx in the 1980’s?

The Trabant is probably what you’re thinking of. The body panels were made of DuroPlast which is a mouldable resin plastic sort of like formica or bakelite. It actually wasn’t terrible stuff to make body panels out of and it was made out of 100% recycled materials, to boot! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trabant

The Trabants got their reputation mostly because they were the only eastern bloc cars westerners regularly came into contact with and, of course, after the fall of the Berlin wall they were what came pouring across. Not to say that they weren’t terrible cars, which they assuredly were by western standards, but by the standards of other communist-made cars they were actually pretty good. If you have an interest in such cars, this website will engross you for hours: http://www.autosoviet.altervista.org/main-english.htm