What is the best way to sell a car with a "new" engine, but a bad transmission?

I currently own a Volkswagen Jetta 2005. I burned the engine (my fault, no oil) and got it replaced with a newer engine that had 26,000 miles (cost was $3200) on it 3 months ago. Now the issue with the car is that it needs the transmission to be replaced. I do not want to put any more $$$ on it and sell it. Should I try to sell the engine since it is still “new” or try to sell the whole car? Where should I advertise to get the most $ out of this situation?, i.e. craigslist, AutoTrader, etc.

Someone will want to buy it for parts. If you disclose the true condition there will be mechanics who will find a transmission from a wreck and make a whole car out of it.

Personally I would be very leery of buying a car with a “new” engine like yours. My immediate concern would be what else on the car had been neglected and was ready to fail!

An engine with 26K on it though is not a new engine. It is a used engine with an unknown history. The quickest would be to simply trade it in and take the hit.

Easiest way… and perhaps the most lucrative… is to trade it. I doubt that anybody would pay any decent amount of money for a ten (pushing 11) year old car that’s had the motor replaced and now needs a tranny.