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Can we sell a car that needs a new transmission?

We would like to sell our 2001 Volvo V-70, but have just been told by the dealer that it needs a new transmission (we had noticed signs, then the “Transmission Service Required” light came on). We were given cost estimates of $5000 for a new transmission, and $3000 for one that has been rebuilt. That’s a big investment considering that we’ve been on the verge of buying a newer used car. We prefer not to fix this one.

Does it make sense to try to sell this one with the disclosure about the transmission? In every other way, the car is clean and well-maintained. The car has 118,000 miles on it.

Thank you.

You can sell it, but you must disclose that it needs a tranny. OF course, you could trade it in and be done with it.

You can sell it “as is - let the buyer beware” without disclosing the tranny problems. It comes down to your personal ethics. I wouldn’t do it. That said, you could sell it as a “mechanic’s special” and let the buyer decide if they wish to tackle that project.

You best bet is to trade it in on another Volvo as far as getting any $$$ for it. Another option is to find a Volvo mechanic who can fix it and resell it. In NJ there is a used car seller that specializes in older Volvo’s who might give you a few $$ for it.

If you don’t want a new Volvo, investigate donating it for the tax write off. A 12 year old Volvo isn’t worth too much with a good transmission, practically zippo with a bad one.

the “Transmission Service Required” light came on)

 What was the light  for?  Was there a error code indicated?

Have you looked in your owners manual to see what “Transmission Service Required” means? Maybe you only need the fluid changed. If it does mean that there is an error code, what is the actual code? what are you being told as to what is wrong?

I would get a second opinion from an independent transmission shop.

I would get the codes pulled. It could be just a solenoid.

A 2001 V70 in clean condition is only worth about $3000 anyway. Donate it trade it.