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What is meant by "tune up"?

What does the typical tune up entail? My car is an older model with fuel injection – 4.5 liter V8 Port (PFI) injection

That term is often used, and I think I might need a tune up, and I’m not sure exactly what is involved. Thanks!

To me it means new spark plugs and depending on the car other ignition parts, plug wires, distributor cap, etc. With most car dealers it means “open your wallet” because they will sell you a fuel system cleaning, new or cleaning of your injectors, new air filter, throttle body cleaning, and just about anything else they can think of. If you have a performance problem replace the plugs and ignition parts first, then see if the performance problem is resolved. If not, then some attention to the fuel system is the next step.

There really is no consistant meaning to the term “tune up” anymore. It depends on the vehicle and whom you are talking to as the answers differ from car to car and shop to shop.

Depends how poorly the engine is running, how much fuel its comsuming, etc. It may be as simple as a set of new spark plugs (ignites the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder) and maybe an air filter, or it could be all of that + a whole bunch of other crap and diagnostics, etc.

The “tuneup” went out a long time ago. Today I would call it scheduled maintenance. You will find a list in your owner’s manual

Is this the Allante you lusted after, and what year?

The term “Tune Up” means NOTHING and good mechanics seldom use that term. It can mean ANYTHING the shop performing it wants it to mean…

Your car is what, exactly??

Do you perfer to be told "your car needs a 15K,30K 45K 60K etc service? I don’t like either blanket term. I like you want it spelled out whats to be done.