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What is actually involved in a tune-up these days?

I worked as a mechanic in the days when plugs, points, condenser, adjust the timing, and more was involved in a tune-up. From what I can tell, the only thing needed these days is replacement of old parts like plugs, wires, etc. Are there any actual adjustments which are done these days on new cars, or are we just getting ripped off when they change the plugs and charge you $200?

This is a rhetorical question since I do not need a tune-up on either of my cars, since they both have less than 35000 miles on them.

you ever try to reach the plugs on one of these new cars?
All electronic ignition and computer controlled fuel injection, and 100k plugs, whats to tune up?

The term “Tune Up” means whatever the shop performing the service wants it to mean…That has pretty much always been the case…Consumers are better off avoiding that term…Perform maintenance as required in the cars maintenance schedule and don’t call it a “Tune Up”…

We’ve wrestled with this question before. Replacement of old parts is always necessray periodically, but with coil-on-plug ignition even the ignition wires have largely disappeared. And there really are no adjustments to be made.

I like to simply recommend a detailed list of everything to be done. For me on a modern car that would mean plugs, filters, serpentine belt (if needed), and a good look-see of the underhood components and fluid levels. The best overview of what specifically needs doing is, as it always was, in the owner’s manual (or the recommended maintenance manual that came with it).