What is best lightweight traction aid?

What would cause least fuel use to haul around?

Sand is heavy.

Cat litter less weight.


Would strips of carpet grab and work well?

Old astroturf?

Spray on glue or similar?

Thank you.


The fuel consumption difference between the heaviest object and the lightest is INSIGNIFICANT…Maybe .01 mpg difference.

Since we’ve only been buying fwd or 4wd vehicles for the past 20+ years I haven’t had a need for any traction aids. But when I was driving a rwd vehicle…I always found Sand to work the best.

The difference in gas usage is too small to calculate. I’ve alsways carried a plastic bottle full of dry sand. I’ve tried sawdus and it doesn’t work well. I’d guess that cat litter, having similar characteristcs to sawdust, probably wouldn’t work well either. I’m told that pieces of carpet work well also. Spray glue would not work at all.

I keep several old bath towels in the trunk.  They have done the job when I helped others get going.  It has been some time since I was stuck in the snow.  Modern winter tyres really help out.  I highly recommend them.  

What works best really depends on what the problem is.  Snow, ice how cold is it etc.

I know nothing about light weight. My best traction aid was in a pickup. Five wheels and tires, five wooden pallets, two sandbags and all the snow that I couldn’t get out of the bed made a good one. Best I ever had. Firestone T&C snow tires were good in their day on that truck.

Sawdust makes mud.

BTW, any weight within reason placed over the rear axle helps. Nothing like “tube sand”. Cut it open when needed and leave it in place for traction and balance.

Salt, such as for your water softener, would be good. You don’t want to spill any in your metal trunk though.

“Tire Grip” or Tyre Grip, happiness in a spray can…It’s like you put chains on for half an hour…eBay it…


That’s the idea of my spray adhesive.

Does this stuff really work?