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2015 Chevrolet Sonic - sand in the trunk for snow?

Will sand tubs help traction in the truck and how many shouldays I get for snow

Since a Sonic is not a truck, I assume you are asking if extra weight in the trunk will help traction, and no, it won’t. Your car is front wheel drive, so the front wheels move the car, not the back ones. A good set of winter tires could be an improvement, though.


I did not know Sonic came in a truck version . I hope you mean sand bags and not tubs . In case of an accident the bags would be bad enough flying loose but sand tubs would definitely be lethal . I guess 200 pounds would be enough but if you have something else to drive besides a truck that would be better.

I’m thinking he means “Sand Tubes” , same idea, 1/2 as wide, twice as long.

Adding them to the trunk would probably be worse than not having them, would be taking weight off of front wheels.

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A bag of kitty litter or oil-dri might be more practical, lighter than sand but can be sprinkled under the front tires to gain traction if stuck in snow.

I wonder if we will ever find out if this is actually a Sonic and she did not know it was front wheel drive . Or if it is a truck and she just filled out the wrong vehicle . The 'sand tubes ’ might be a good guess .