What is an “old car”

Sounds like a good way to get shot. Lots of women are carrying these days. My former dental receptionist said she sees a lot of women at the range practicing. Then again if I were a woman you can’t tell what to expect from even a senior citizen blocking your way so I would proceed with caution.


A visual of brake hoses generally won’t do the job. They fail internally and act like check valves. That means they keep the brakes rubbing. You will smell the hot brakes when that happens.

If you wait until the first one fails, just replace all 4 at that time. My 17 year old truck is on its second replacement set. My former 17 year old Saab never had any replaced.

If you are having a brake fluid flush done in a few years, you might consider a set of hoses at the same time.

Clearly, you live in a state that is vastly different from my state.

An old car has switches and controls that you can find and understand. I have a 2019 Toyota Sienna. It took me nine minutes to find the power door on/off switch. I got two beeps when I tried to open the side door so I had a fair warning. I could not use the wheelchair ramp until I got back in the driver’s seat. The switch to disable the power doors was to the left of the steering column and low.
That wasn’t too bad because the car was not on fire but there are too many useless controls and reminder functions on some new cars. The entertainment system is the worst one. There are two different ways to remind you to get an oil change. For once, you’re probably safer in an older car.


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Just keep driving it, my dad put about 4,000mi a year on his 2007 Honda CRV which he would have kept forever if he hadn’t gotten the itch to get a new one with a suite of safety gadgets. If you’re happy with this vehicle and it’s meeting your needs just keep maintaining Being comfortable with the size and visibility of a vehicle is more of a priority for me. Mom’s going to keep her 2010 Prius for the long haul. Last car was still going strong after 19yrs and 194,000mi.

This comparison of states’ violent crime rates is likely to be hugely instructive for many people.

You’re assuming that that will happen? If Ford or Honda can get people to pay XXX today, when their production costs are up- what will stop them from continuing to charge XXX next year, when production prices drop, and just pocketing the profits?

True, if there was only one company. Once several companies get their chips and start cranking out the vehicles, then we’ll see some return to sane pricing. This will take a while, though.


Please, let us not go any further on this route. :wink:

Well it’s called competition in a free market. It exists not only among new car makers but also all the dealers. That’s how it works. No one company can determine market prices with rare exceptions. In fact in some industries competition get so severe that prices actually fall below production cost for a while.


Damn, who pissed off all those Alaskans?

Sorry, posted this before I saw Carolyn’s cease and desist order.


Now I am thinking about some other safety features that could be added! Any thoughts on front cameras, sensors?

Front camera , Gimmick ! There is a windsheild for that . After market stuff can cause serious problems if they go bad so I would avoid that.

More important:

  1. Find a parking place at shopping that you can pull through so you don’t have to backup

  2. Avoid left turns across traffic as much as you can . Going past a busy intersection and making 3 right turns so you can drive straight through the problem intersection .

  3. Take the AARP drivers test online and you might learn something or just reaffirm that you might be allright as a driver.


Any aftermarket add-on may cause electrical problems later.
I am guessing by “front camera” you mean a dash camera. Those are not standard on most new cars but are aftermarket installations including a dealership option. No objection here to installing one of them. I would consider a system that records both front and rear and would display the rear view when in reverse.

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I do enjoy the backup camera, just to make sure the coast is clear, but still use eyes and mirrors when backing up, looking for pedestrians, cyclists and cars not close enough to set off my warning beeper for cross traffic.


Same here for my use of the backup camera. Check for objects or tiny people, then turn my head and look out the window while backing.
A recording might be useful in court, the faked accident, though having been around since before WWII, is becoming more common.
As to finding a pull through parking spot, I do. It constantly amazes me when I see a person not do that when available.

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Not only that but the people who still backup when they could just drive foward when there is not a vehicle in front of them . I see it all the time and it realy annoys VDC .

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I find my view often better backing out with the camera than pulling out, if there are SUVs next to me.