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What is a steering/pilot valve?

how can i locate it & how can i check if its bad ?? 2000 subaru outback. thanks

You ask the parts department and they will show you. I THINK it’s on the steering rack. That’s where I would put it. I don’t believe it’s ever bad but I just said all I know…

Are you referring to a steering rack? Your post is unclear.
What are the symptoms and why is this repair, whatever it is, recommended?

Your terminology is uncommon to me. I’m guessing that you’re looking for the spool valve. That’ll be a part of the steering rack assembly. It’s a portioning valve that controls the hydraulic pressure to each side of the “piston” that is the power steering assist in the rack.

Post back and let me know if I’m guessed right. And tell us what the symptoms are. Perhaps we can help.