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Sticky Steering

I bought my outback a few months ago from a dealer/mechanic who had fixed the car after it was totaled. So it has a reconstructed title, but it was hit in the back, so all the engine parts were unaffected by the crash.

Since I have had the car I have experienced intermittent loss of power steering ability. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to parallel park or turn a corner gracefully, and other times, within the same short trip, the steering will be completely fine and smooth. I have had the issue looked at about three times now by different mechanics. Each time they have either replaced or tightened the belt, which temporarily fixes the problem. But within a few weeks it always comes back. Is there something not keeping the belt tight, or could the issue actually be in the power steering pump?

The pump MAY be the fault or perhaps the rack and pinion is at fault.

Is the rack bolted tight? Any fluid leaks?

Model-Year, Please. Sometimes It’s Impossible For Anybody To Help You Without Knowing At The Very Least, Make (Subaru), Model (Outback) And Model-Year ( ? ).

It is also helpful to know how many miles are on it and whether it’s manual or automatic.


Its automatic, 2006 outback 2.5i, and it has 105,000 miles. I haven’t noticed any fluid leeks.