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What is a pirate's favorite car?


Happy talk like a pirate day!

Followed by the Arrr x 8 your dinner matey

Nissan Arrrmada.

Aye, Barky. And of course, he’d rather have a carrrrrr than a truck.

GROAN…very clever guys!

Subaru WArrrrrrrrrrX.

Bentley Arrrrrrrrnage.

Vw Arrrrrrrr32.

I’ll be happy to trust my Cutlass.

Arrr mateys, me favorite be the Yarrrrris, yes it be.

Pirate pick-up line: “Ye must be buried treasure, ‘cause Ah’m diggin’ yer booty!”

Long shot nominee: Crown Victoria? (The Queen and all; pirates (as portrayed popularly) were mostly lapsed Britons. Don’t think the timelines add up all that well, though.)

Maxda AHrrrrX7?

I can see why the pirates made some walk the plank… :slight_smile:

AARGH @ok4450 it’l be the nissian ultima for you I say, Dead men walkin off the long tall plank be careful who’s chain ye decide to yank :wink:

What does Jimmy Buffet drive?-Kevin

Anything he wants, Kevin. He’s a very rich man.

They might enjoy an old land yacht like a 1960 Cadillac sedan or '70 Chrysler Imperial.

Not sure what brand of car, but a pirate would probably prefer an automatic to a manual, to avoid the clutch pedal/peg leg problem.

To celebrate speak like a pirate day, last night I had an arrrrrr-ugula salad.

Pirates use Ahrrrr-134A in their air conditioners, except for the old school ones that use Ahrrr-12.

…a stolen one

Not for long, @oblivion‌. The White House just announced that R134a will be phased out, along with other HFCs.

I suppose that a pirate about to be run down by Her Majesty’s naval fleet and facing a hangman’s noose might decide to dump his slow moving barge and head for open water in a Corvette…