What is a not too expensive reliable large sedan?

I recently found out i need to get a new car in the next 2 months for personal reasons. I am a very tall guy and wanted a regular sedan but all the sedans and hatchbacks ive driven in are too small for me (corolla, camry, elantra, etc…) and I need a mid to large sedan. I already drive a suv but i dont want a suv again. From what ive understood most large sedans fall under luxury cars. I am not rich, but im willing to buy a used car from 2014 or 2015. Ive taken some looks and i like the genesis sedan and buick lacrosse. Theyre also somewhat in my price range (genesis being a bit pricier). Issue is maintenance is gonna be high on these, and buick doesnt get the best reliability reviews. What could anyone suggest i get? Im lost and want guidance. Thanks!

Of course ’ very tall ’ is not a definitive measurement . My neighbor is 6 ’ 4 or five and has a Honda Accord and also fits in my Ford Fiesta so I suspect that you might be trying vehicles with preconceived notions . There are a lots of cross over type vehicles out there that can be bought new for what a used luxury sedan might cost.

And there are plenty of ‘large’ sedans that have surprisingly poor headroom, especially because they almost always come with a sunroof. I’m headroom-challenged, and have managed to find sedans without sunroofs up to now, but my next car will be a CUV, maybe a CX-5 or a Rav4, both for the headroom and the seating position.

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The Camry we rented had tons of leg and head room, if I remember correctly.

You may end up just having to go to some used car dealerships and literally just plant your butt in some different types of cars and see what works for you.

That is the best advice the OP can expect from a Forum . The only thing I might add is find a Carmax dealership.


Have you looked at a Toyota Avalon? That should be reasonably priced.

I agree with the others that a larger car doesn’t always mean more headroom and legroom, so keep your options open.