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What brand is better?

I am about to start a small car detailing business and want to know what brand of car detaing products is the best. I am leaning twords maguieres but am open to any and all suggestions. What brand is the best?

BaTMan, You Do Realize That There Is Not Just One Answer To This Question, Right ?

Click the link to a recent discussion about car wax. I learned something and particularly like the comments made by Justoneguy, a professional.

A search on this site will turn up all kinds of discussions on this topic. I’d talk to other professionals to get a variety of opinions.

By the way, which beer is best ?


Tahnk you for the link. Very helpful and I can see that pretty much any quality wax is going to work about the same.

And, I don’t drink so I have no clue.

First, if you’re going to start a car detailing business you should probably take up drinking.

But seriously, I think that there are only 2 important things for you to think about. First, whatever you use make sure it is a known brand - that’s mostly for credibility. Second, some things are just easier to use w/ good results. Find out what makes your work easiest & most efficient (assuming that the results are simultaneously acceptable).

I plan on using meguiars products

'Guier’s is great, but you should google “professional detailing supplies”. Plenty of outfits with non-consumer grade stuff.