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What is a "Cold Pack" and how difficult is it to replace

My daughter has a Ford Focus and her mechanic told her she needed a “cold pack” - about 180$ for the part, not to mention the installation. I’ve never heard of such a thing - can someone enlighten me and indicate how difficult it might be to replace by oneself ?

Can you tell us what the problem was? That may provide a clue.

Do you mean “Coil pack”?

Ed B.

My bet is with Edb. Was the check engine light on indicating missfire?

I agree with edb1961. Unless the car had one too many the night before. There’s a good reason not to feed your car too much ethyl!

It’s not a hard change; but, it does sound profitable. What is wrong with the car, and what size engine, and sub-model?

It might be interesting to hear why she when to the mechanic.

The price does seem high for one coil. They are probably replacing all 4. I could be wrong, but given the price of these, the custom is usually to replace the faulty one and leave the rest be. That would take to price down to about 50 bucks