2015 Chevrolet Trax - Coil pack trouble

How many times does the coil pack need to change?

Any time they don’t work which can be sooner or later. My olds northstar used to eat coils, other cars never had a bad one. I replaced a dead one on my mower after about 400 hours. Clerk said normally they are lifetime parts. Replaced it again with no spark only to find a pinched ground wire. $80 wasted but into the spare parts box.

If it’s the first replacement, then 8 years isn’t too bad for replacement. If you have replaced it more often, then something is probably amiss. Electronics often fails when it is overheated. Is there any reason to believe that the engine overheated?

Make sure the coil packs are mounted according to the manufacturer’s spec. For example, there might be a requirement to apply some sort of thermal-transfer product. The proper mounting method assists to keep the coils cool.

The other common reason to have to replace coil packs many times is b/c the replacement packs are not oem parts. Likely from a retail parts store. Next time, buy oem replacement coil packs at a Chevy Dealership.

We’ve had to replace 1 coil on my wife’s 2007 ES-350.

I’ve yet to replace one on my 2014 Highlander. Never had to replace one on my 2005 Toyota Highlander which gave away in 2014 with over 300k miles when I bought my 2014 Highlander.

Chevrolet doesn’t make coil packs. They are made for them. Probably Delphi. You can buy Delphi coil packs almost anywhere, and cheaper than the chevy dealer.

I also wouldn’t hesitate to replace the coil pack made by NGK. NGK has been making extremely high-quality ignition parts for decades.


I grant I know next to nothing about Delphi parts; but w/some name-brand part manufacturers , they have more than one line of the same part. The premium line might only be available at a dealership. Even the premium line part might not be as robustly constructed as the part that came w/the vehicle new.

Generally I get good results w/NGK and Denso parts on my Corolla. Other brands, not so much.

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Of course you do. You never drive the Corolla. :smirk:

AC Delco is more of the Marketing company that sells parts. Delphi was spun off from GM. They are the manufacturer of many AC Delco parts.

I think the point was that there are many knock off parts out there that look the same as oem and sometimes even in oem packaging, but are junk. How would you determine if a part from Amazon or eBay is a quality part or not?

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No need to drive to crank the engine with the Denso starter & spark the NGK spark plugs. :wink: