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Ignition coils

How should it cost to replace one cylinder ignition coil

It might help if you told us want year Town Car you have.

The part itself is around $50. A dealer may charge around $100 for the coil. You will also have to replace the spark plug on that cylinder. That will be from $4 to $10 depending on markup. The labor is minor, but if you have to pay someone to do it, then you will get the minimum labor charge, probably about $100.
DIY = $55.00
Someone else = $210

(I am assuming that your Town Car is somewhere from 1998 to 2010.)

You will have a hard time finding a new for $50. They are $79-$89 at Autozone…They are one of few weaknesses of that 4.6L engine…Pressure-washing those engines can be a disaster, almost guaranteed to blow two or three coils…

There’s a ford dealer in Az that sells parts on the internet, and around $50 was what I paid for coils a few months ago. You can get them for less on e-bay, but many bad parts are sold there.

You are correct, time has brought the price way down! $41.99 !!