What is a bushing (1998 c230 mercedes benz)

While having some front end body work done on my c230 the shop sent the car over to the mb service to check the front end. Of course they stated the alighnment was fine but the car needed “bushings” cost around $800.00.

Just how much should that job cost and where do I best go to have this checked. I do not trust any car dealer for any work like that.

Bushings are rubber pieces that go between two metal pieces where they connect (like struts and tie rods). They allow some flexibility of movement and prevent the metal pieces from rubbing together and wearing out. If they wear out, the metal can rub or there can be too much movement, resulting in suspension noise and poor handling. They probably cost a few dollars, most of that cost is labor taking the front end apart and putting it back together. You can have this checked at any independent mechanic that does front end work. If it really needs bushings it will probably cost a lot less than having the MB dealership do it.

Thank you.
I live in a small town so will most likely have to go to the city to find a good front end person to check this out. Seattle and Everett, WA. most likely.